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Let The Candied Yam be the place that serves you delightful, southern cuisine with a smile!

Jessica Ann Tyson


One of West Michigan's

50 Most Influential Women

The Candied Yam offers local fare of the much-loved comfort soul food meals we only see on TV. There's no need to go down South to grub on delicious macaroni and cheese, country fried chicken, smothered pork chops with gravy, fish, meatloaf, fresh black-eyed peas, collard greens and even vegan/vegetarian options. Signature items such as soul food wraps, sweet potato cornbread muffins, down-home style desserts, and other favorites will also grace the menu.

About Jessica Ann Tyson

As a child, Jessica Ann did not always have fresh food but instead had to rummage through trash cans to eat. At the age of eight, along with her identical twin sister, she was adopted by a loving family who taught her how to garden, harvest, and sell at the local farmer's market. The most important lesson she learned is that food was meant to be cooked with love and shared with family, friends, and community. In August 2016, Jessica Ann brought her skill set to the restaurant industry and established one of the Top 50 Places to Eat in Grand Rapids, The Candied Yam - Delightful Southern Cuisine. This rustic boutique restaurant serves food rich in heritage made from scratch with the freshest ingredients and love. A businesswoman and philanthropist, Jessica Ann Tyson, is a prominent figure with a solid rapport, reputation for excellence and integrity. She is also the owner of the successful Public Relations firm, JA PR Group, LLC. Over the past twelve years, she has been able to award over $115,000 in scholarships for high school and college students. 

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